April 2015 Memo From the President


As promised here is another message from me (your president).


•        OUR PURPOSE:

A gentle reminder that according to our by-laws our association exists to:


Support the Auburn University Marching Band (AUMB)

Communicate with the AUMB

Hold an annual reunion


The board and I have been hard at work on fulfilling our commitments.


•        REUNION DATE: This year’s reunion is: Sat. Oct 3rd 2015 San Jose State


•        MAGAZINE ARTICLE: I am excited to announce that thanks to Suzanne Johnson, Editor of Auburn Magazine (Alumni Association’s quarterly publication), we will have an article in a special May edition that will go out to 200,000 instead of the usual 40,000. Please look for it and tell your friends.


•      REACHING OUT: This is the second of my “fireside chats” to our organization. I intend to do several each year and also post on our Facebook page (AUBURN ALUMNI BAND). We will also do a “Save-the-Date” card by regular mail. Although I understand that not everyone “tweets,” I intend to use all means available to provide you with information from snail mail to the latest technology.


•        NEW COORDINATORS: One of the things Dr. Rick Good told me in April of 2013 was that he would like to have a contact from the Alumni Band for the organization of promotional items (cups, shirts, etc.) and also someone to work directly with the AUMB on communications (website, etc). I am proud to announce that we have named two outstanding alumni to these positions: Promotional Coordinator: Christiania Morris; and Social Media Coordinator: Sarah Gilliland. They are both “self starters” and have already done great things. Many others stepped and have agreed to lend their support also.


•        FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS: There has been much confusion with this and I apologize for that. We essentially had two sites. Those involved agreed to resolve this problem. We still have two accounts but one is for alumni and the other is for family, friends, fans, and followers. The “Auburn University Alumni Band “page” is for our friends. You can recognize it by the band’s first bass drum in the lower left hand corner of the banner. The Auburn Alumni Band “group” has 1,531 members currently and is for band alumni. Although in Facebook terms, it is a “secret group,” anyone who is currently a member can add you if you are a band alumus. All they need is your email address and you will receive an invitation.


I encourage all of you to join this Facebook page if you are not a member yet. Also, I encourage you to post photos from the past. No children’s candy sales or political proselytizing though, please.


•        ALUMNI BAND EMAIL ADDRESS: We have a new email address that comes directly to the president. auburnalumniband@gmail.com



We are over the half-way point at $3 million of the $5.5 million goal

To make a contribution online, visit this link.

Select “other” and type “band building” in the designated field.


Again, I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve. I pledge to do my best to represent you and to keep you informed and I ask you to assist by helping us encourage more and more alumni to attend, including those from recent years as well as old timers like me. We will welcome compliments, comments and complaints. P.S. If it is a complaint, kindly accompany it with some ideas of how it might be solved.


Your President for 2014-2016

Steve Scott