2022 Auburn Alumni Band Gameday Experience

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Plains and your band alumni gameday experience! Below are some things you can expect on gameday as a member of the Auburn Alumni Band! It’s a lot of information, but we want everyone to feel welcome and know what to expect, especially on their first visit back for the reunion. If you have other questions, please post or ask someone at the reception/reunion.


First, we would love to see all of you Friday night from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. for our annual reception, which follows the Homecoming parade/pep rally. It will be held at the band practice field in conjunction with KKP Alumni and TBS Alumni and will include a silent auction, light refreshments, music, old AUMB videos, games, and a photo booth. Dr. and Mrs. Vinson (and perhaps another surprise guest) will attend! Parking will be available next to the field and seating will be available under the pavilion. Be aware that the Toomer’s corner area will be closed to traffic from ~5:15 – 6:30 p.m. because of the parade.

Saturday is gameday!
See the schedule link below for a timeline of events!

  • Registration: 5:15 a.m. (Auxiliaries), 5:45 a.m. (Instrumentalists)
    There should be some parking in the lot near the band field and in the past, it has been ok to park on the grass in some areas as well. When you arrive at the field look for the registration tables set up by section. Go to the appropriate table, sign in, get your nametag, pickup music (if needed), pick up pre-ordered merchandise, pick up your Alumni Band white polo (if needed), then greet old (and new) friends. Be sure to allow yourself some time to check out the silent auction, the photo booth, and the merchandise table under the pavilion before our rehearsal with the AUMB begins. Please note that this year the Alumni Band will be divided into the upper and lower deck for seating. The lower deck will play during the game and then switch with the upper deck after halftime. This will be a first come first choice during registration. More details will be provided at registration.
  • Full Band Rehearsal: 6:45 a.m.
    We will have a chance to meet current AUMB students during a sectional music rehearsal followed by a full band marching rehearsal directed by Dr. Spurlin. The Alumni Band will march onto the field playing Glory and leave the field playing War Eagle, so be ready for some high stepping and a rareback! At the end of rehearsal, we will gather at the ladder for announcements and to sing the Alma Mater with the AUMB. A short but important business meeting for the Alumni Band will follow. Grab your breakfast box if you ordered one and get ready for the game! Restrooms are available on site if you need to freshen up or change clothes.
  • Break: 8:15 a.m.
    We will only have about an hour between the end of our brief Alumni Band meeting and line up. If you have not pre-ordered a meal, the closest food option on our route to the stadium is The Village (food court; not everything may be open on a Saturday). The Student Center has more food options but is on the opposite side of the stadium from where we enter (attached to Haley Center). You can also get concessions inside the stadium (YES! We can eat in the stands!).
  • Line up: 9:15 a.m.
    You will need to allow 20-30 minutes to walk from the practice field to our line up area on the north side of the Wellness Center (old Coliseum) on Heisman Drive near the intersection with Donahue This is our usual line up spot and NOT where we lined up last year. We will march into the stadium and then be dismissed to find our seats. When sitting in the upper deck, tubas and percussion will be stored on tarps in the corner tunnel; those with smaller instruments will keep them with them in the stands. Get ready to play and cheer for the Auburn Tigers!
  • Halftime performance
    Towards the end of the second quarter, we will be dismissed from our seats to go down to the sideline to line up and be ready to enter the field following the halftime Homecoming activities. Following halftime, we will return to our seats (keep in mind if you are staying for the game you will be switching from lower to upper, or upper to lower depending on your first half seat). You are also free to leave the game after the half and head back to the band practice field to watch the game under the pavilion with fellow alumni band members!



Gameday map: https://band.auburn.edu/alumn/alumni_band/documents/2022_alumni_band_gameday_map.pdf

AUMB practice field parking
312 Beech Street (corner of Hemlock Drive and Samford Avenue, but field is not visible from Samford). Parking on the grass is usually available in this area – look for signs.

Parking map:

Performance uniform
Alumni Band polo, navy shorts/pants/skirt, white socks, preferably white or light-colored shoes (athletic shoes are fine); if wearing a hat please wear the white Alumni Band cap or visor (available to purchase prior at reception and prior to practice). Consider wearing something else to practice (because of the heat) and changing clothes after practice. There are restrooms under the pavilion at the field.

What you may want to bring into the stadium with you
We can march in with a bag; however, it must be a clear one (available to purchase at reception and prior to practice). We suggest bringing a lyre, flip folder with music, water, snack, extra reeds (if needed), hand cleaner, money for concessions, sunglasses (YES! We can wear them on the field!!), bandana, sunscreen, etc. If there is a chance of rain you may also want to bring a poncho. We are usually provided water in the stands at some point, but it may not be until after halftime. If you at least bring in an empty bottle you can fill it at the water stations on the stadium concourse.

Beating the heat during the game
We are typically seated in full sun throughout the entire game. Be sure to hydrate and use sunscreen! If needed, you may leave at any time and go onto the concourse for shade. If you feel that you need to leave the game you may do so but know that you will NOT be able to re-enter the stadium. If you leave, you can go to the Student Center across from the stadium (connected to Haley Center on the side where the Eagle Cage used to be) which is air conditioned and has seating. After halftime, you can go back to the practice field pavilion where a TV will be set up to watch the game, seating is available, and you can still play your instrument.

We typically play a lot in the stands. Be sure to print out and bring the music for offensive and defensive cheers, and the “stand chart” that explains the signals for each of those and the stand tunes (available at https://band.auburn.edu/alumn/alumni_band/music.htm. “Stand Chart” is the very first item, in the list, just above “Halftime Music”.

The purpose of this day is to have fun, continue/build new friendships, and share our love of all things Auburn. One thing that makes Alumni Band so AUsome is that we get to continue traditions and relive our “glory days” in a more relaxed atmosphere than when we were students. Wear those sunglasses! Sit next to you best friend! Take a break anytime you like! Eat in the stands! Hum or sing if your lips are shot! Move to the edge of your row and catch up with a non-band friend for a few minutes! Remember, no one ever gets a “B” in Alumni Band!  We can’t wait to see you in Auburn.