July 2015 Memo from the President


July 2015


As promised here is another message from me (your president).


A gentle reminder that, according to our by-laws, our association exists to:

  • Support the Auburn University Marching Band (AUMB)
  • Communicate with the AUMB
  • Hold an annual reunion

The board and I have been hard at work on fulfilling our commitments.

  • REUNION DATE: This year’s reunion is: Sat. Oct 3rd 2015 San Jose State.
  • REACHING OUT: This is the third of my “fireside chats” to our organization. I obviously have stolen the moniker for FDR’s radio messages to the nation during WWII. Guess I’d better change the title, especially since I will be president for just a little over one more year and my successor may want to have a different name. So, I’ll just call mine “Memos from Your Prez.” Any info will also post on our Facebook group (AUBURN ALUMNI BAND).
  • SAVE-THE-DATE CARD: The card will go out within the next few weeks, thanks to AU Band Coordinator Sarah Ferguson and her super graduate assistants. It will provide information on the reunion such as tickets, times and locations, parking, etc.
  • NEW COORDINATORS:  Our two new coordinators, Promotional Coordinator, Christiania Morris and Social Media Coordinator: Sarah Gilliland, have already done a tremendous amount of work and were a vital part of our board meeting on Saturday July 25th.
  • FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS: A reminder about the fact that we have two Facebook accounts. The “Auburn University Alumni Band “page” is for our friends, family, fans and followers. You can recognize it by the band’s first bass drum in the lower left hand corner of the banner. The Auburn Alumni Band “group” has over 1,500 members and is for band alumni. Although in Facebook terms it is a “secret group,” anyone who is currently a member can add you if you are a band alumus. Send them your email address and you will receive an invitation. Or send it to me via our email address: auburnalumniband@gmail.com.

I encourage all of you to join this Facebook page if you are not a member yet. Also, I encourage you to post photos from the past. No children’s candy sales or political proselytizing though, please.

  • BOARD MEETING:  The board met Saturday, July 25th. Outgoing members are David Clark, J. Nick Smith, Terri Granger and Joe Stanfield. They have each made significant contributions and we thank them and wish them well. Incoming board members are: Peter Blaise, Beth Lott, Jeffrey Rowser and Alice Mallory. We had much to cover and got a major amount done. Thanks to Jeffrey for taking minutes and to Steve Fleming for being our timer and “stay-on-task” master. The full slate of officers, board members and coordinators can be found on our new website.
  • NEW WEBSITE: I am proud to announce that we now have our own website: www.auburnalumniband.com. It was constructed by Jef Holbrook of Niche-Niche Marketing and we are very excited about it. There are still some minor tweaks being made, but go check it out. It is a beautiful thing.
  • AUMB BUILDING FUND: We are over the half-way point at $3 million of the $5.5 million goal.

To make a contribution online, visit this link.

Select “other” and type “band building” in the designated field.  

Again, I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve. I am out here working hard for you (as much as a 72 year old duffer can do). The board welcomes your compliments, comments and complaints. P.S. If it is a complaint, kindly accompany it with some ideas of how it might be solved. We all make a great team!

Your President for 2014-2016

Steve Scott